About the pastor

           Pastor Aaron was raised in Sacramento, California. His formative years involved homeschool, working the family business, skateboarding, and church. 

Church was very important in his life because he did not have much interaction with people outside of his own family.  Now, the churches presence in Aaron's life was good in many ways. Though there was one big glaring problem.  The problem was, Aaron did not have a relationship with Christ, just his friends.

         So, when high school ended, his friends moved on, went to college, just living their lives. So, his connection with the church dissipated. Which led to his college years being plagued with emptiness, hopelessness, and aimlessness.

      Aaron attended Boise State University and majored in Psychology. Now, he had a unique view of psychology, his desire to be a psychologist was not really rooted in a desire to help people, but he was hoping psychology would help him figure out who he was personally. Unfortunately, psychology's wisdom had no answers, and it only led to more frustration.

           However, during his time in college he was invited to Calvary Chapel Boise. Aaron walked in and the pastor was teaching through the bible verse by verse.  They were in the Gospel of John at the time.  The pastor had a straightforward style of teaching. The Word of God being taught like that was something very special. Aaron had never experienced anything like it before. The Holy Spirit used His Word to penetrate Aaron's hungry heart.

            And In the year 2000, Aaron gave his life to Christ.

           Almost immediately, overwhelmed with the love of Christ in his life, Aaron just wanted to do whatever God wanted him to do. He didn’t fully know what that entailed, but made a commitment to the Lord that if God opened doors to minister or serve, he would walk through that door. 


The Lord has opened many doors since making that decision.  Many more than he ever though possible.

           Aaron was able to minister in Italy for a year at Calvary Chapel Roma, he was a youth pastor in Southern California for five years, attended School Of Ministry at CC Costa Mesa, and is now in Central Texas, as the Lord has led him to start CC Leander. 

           In 2012, Calvary Chapel Leander began in his home with a total of 6 people. Him and his wife and their 2 sons and one other married couple.  The Lord has done great things! Calvary Chapel Leander is a simple, but growing body of believers.  

           The Lord has put it on Pastor Aaron's heart to teach the bible verse by verse, chapter by chapter through the Bible and CC Leander as a body of believers is excited to see what God is doing and what God will do!